17MOL | Delta Planet – 3rd prize

DELTA PLANET | BanjaluKA DELTA HOLDING | DELTA REAL ESTATE konkurs za izradu konceptualnog rešenja enterijera šoping-mola 3. NAGRADA Delta planet će biti najveći objekat te vrste na prostorima Republike Srpske i BiH imaće površinu od 62.500 m2 od kojih je 30.200m2 prostora za izdavanje. Objekat će se nalaziti u samom centru Banjaluke, na uglu..


RECONSTRUCTION OF COMMERCIAL CENTRE | BOR   ABOUT Location: Kralja Petra I, Bor Area: 800 m2 Existing small buildings have been modified during time, driven only by it’s owners demands, without analyzing the impact of those modifications on the center as whole. OBJECTIVES There were more objectives set for this reconstruction. 01.  TO Make more..


Bioclimatic analysis and design strategies All buildings in the block are oriented so they receive direct sunlight at least 3 hours per day (average for whole year). To compensate lack of sun, north-east facing facades are given uninterupted views to the river Arve Buildings are designed for high daylight autonomy (not for Erwan- this means..

12LAB | Labatec Pharma LAB

ABOUT A simple raw concrete volume contains the storage space and administrative extension on the top level. Parking space is located in the underground level. Duralmond wall pattern hides the old laboratory building.